Do I have to reserve the bike?

It is always better to make a reservation in advance to ensure availability. You can book by calling us by phone, send us an email, or visit our store in person.

To reserve city bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes or electric scooters, a prepayment of 50% is essential through bank deposit or any means of payment that we have available. We cannot return this amount in case you do not come because when reserving it for you we have not accepted other reservations.

What kind of bikes can I rent?

You can rent city bikes (unisex, comfortable and robust) and mountain bikes (hydraulic disc brakes, 29” wheels, front suspension).

How is the rental period extended?

You can call us or stop by in person to notify us of the possible extension of the rental. If there is availability, you can extend the rental period.

Can I return the bicycle before the agreed time?

You can return the bike at any time during store opening hours. We warn you that we do not refund the difference in case of delivery before the date agreed in the rental contract.

Is a deposit required to rent a bike?

In order to rent our bicycles it is not necessary to leave us a financial deposit, we simply ask you for your information when making the reservation (National Identity Document, Passport or Driving License) to whom the bike(s) will be reserved and will be the person responsible for returning it. /s.

Do I have to leave a document as a deposit for each rented bicycle?

It is enough to leave a document as a deposit for several bicycles, in this case the person who signs the contract will be responsible for all bicycles rented in his name, as well as the equipment for rented bicycles. We will return the deposit when all the bicycles and their accessories have been returned to our store.

When and how do I have to pay for the bike rental?

The amount for the bicycle rental is paid in cash and at the time of signing the contract.

Who is responsible for damages that occur to the bicycle within the rental period?

By signing the contract you are responsible for all types of damage that occur to the bicycle within the rental period, except for damage caused by material failure or age of the bicycle components.

Are bicycles insured?

Our bikes have insurance. It is a Civil Liability insurance in case something happens while you are riding the bicycle, but it only covers the physical part that happens to you while you are using our bicycle. This insurance does not cover in any case breakage, theft or loss of the bicycle during the duration of the contract signed by both parties.

What happens if my rented bike is stolen?

From the moment of signing the contract you have full responsibility for the rented bicycle and equipment. If your bicycle is stolen, you must return to “Sanse Bikes” the market cost of the bicycle and the rented accessories. Our bicycles are only insured with Civil Liability.

How to store the bicycle to avoid theft?

The most basic rules to protect the bicycle from theft is to always tie it well and not leave it on the streets with little traffic; nor leave the bike outside at night. In different parts of the city, the city council has placed bike racks in the shape of an inverted U, it is very easy to see them, only in those places can you park the bikes, it is mandatory to cross the padlock between the wheel, the bike rack and the bicycle frame and check that it is well closed.

Are there traffic regulations that I have to respect?

The rules for the use of bicycles can be seen in the Traffic Ordinance.

Are there bike lanes in San Sebastian?

In San Sebastian and its surroundings there are bike lanes and greenways that allow us to do sports, enjoy cycling in a pleasant way and without any danger.

The network of bidegorris (bike lanes) in Donostia is 30km long.

Do you have to wear a helmet?

There is no obligation to wear the helmet inside the city. It is mandatory to carry it on intercity roads. Yes, it is mandatory that children under 16 always wear a helmet. We lend the helmets for free.

Where can I go by bike?

Cyclists are prohibited from going out on highways and expressways. Preferably you have to go by bike lanes network of bidegorris (bike lane). When you cycle through pedestrian zones you have to adjust your speed to the speed of pedestrians. The pedestrian always has priority.

How can I book a guided tour on Sanse Bikes?

You can book it through our booking engine, call us by phone, send us an email or visit our store in Alameda del Boulevard 25 San Sebastian.

Can I carry a passenger in the bike rack?

No, because the bicycle is damaged and, above all, because it is prohibited according to the Spanish traffic law. Only one child can be carried in a child seat, as long as the child weighs less than 25 kilos. We have children’s chairs on offer.

Do the bikes have lights?

Not all bikes have lights. If you want to use the bike also at night, we have lights and headlights to offer.

What happens if I have a flat tire or my bike breaks?

In our store we offer repair kits in case of a puncture; these are not included in the rental price. If you know how to fix the wheel you can continue on your way. We warn you that we do not assume the costs of repairs made outside our workshop. We also indicate that we do not offer a collection service in the event of a puncture or breakage of the bicycle, although we always try to help you. For touring bikes we have anti-puncture foam balls for sale that are used to fix the wheel quickly and safely.

Are guided bike tours also offered?

Of course. We have several tours on offer. Both in the city and in nature. To participate in a guided bike tour it is not necessary to leave a deposit, but the participant is obliged to follow the guide and cannot leave the group.

Any other question?

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